You Are the One for Whom the Gift Was Made

 In Treasured Guesties

Written by: Joy Seunarine


In my career as a Massage Therapist, I never get tired of the possibility for making a change in someone’s life. That is what keeps me passionate. When I recall how someone’s vitality can be diminished and quickly recover with a few targeted techniques, I feel humbled in awe of the magnificence of the human body and the human spirit.  This poem by David Whyte really captures so much of my thoughts on this subject as I have pondered it over the week. The title of this article, borrowed from the poem, says it all. When you practice your gifts/skills and someone’s eyes light up because they actually ‘get’ what you do, this is how I feel. My work feels like a ‘calling’ as many of the practitioners here.  I never get tired of this feeling.


I have a few griefs and joys
I can call my own
and through accident it seems,
a steadfast faith in each of them
and that’s what I will say
matters when the story ends.

But it takes a little while to get there,
all the unburdening
and the laying down
and the willingness
to really tire of yourself,
and the step by step
the ways
the poets through time
generously gave themselves
to us,
walking like pilgrims
through doubt,
combining their fear
their fierceness and their faith.

and you now,
in front of the room
under the florescent light
by the reflected window
hiding all the stars
you have forgotten….

One more member of the prison population
whose eyes have caught
the open gate at last.
You are the one for whom the gift was made.

Keep that look in your eyes
and you’ll gladly grow tired of your reflection.

There, for all to see,
the well of stars,
the great night from which you were born.
–David Whyte


I heard this poem many years ago and this line reverberates in my mind in many situations. For example, years ago I met a woman in the change room at the pool. After a quick hello we both realized that we worked with energy; we exchanged contact information. A week later, she called to tell me her husband committed suicide and she wanted me to offer massages to her and her family the next day and the day of the funeral. Perfect use of all of my gifts. I went and provided care for several members of the family each day. This is how I felt: “all my experience had prepared me for this occasion.” This was who my gifts were for. Funny story: she thought she was calling a different Karen (my first name) but then realized that synchronicity brought us together and I was just what she needed.



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