Listening Ear

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham, Anontropolis


People love to talk about themselves. They will spill their fears and darkest secrets to me. I am their bartender, hairdresser and therapist. Yet I hold none of those positions.

Anxiety can cripple you from conversation. I never know what to except, the people who barely speak (like me), the passionate people with a strong opinion or those swimming in negativity.

After observing these types of people I have decided to be the person I feel the world needs…someone who listens. I am a source of comfort and peace.

I handle new conversations by becoming an interviewer. I am a natural curious person. I want to know the story of your life. I began asking simple questions, the answers lead me to the next question.

I learn so much from these random conversations. People are fascinating, kind and are leading full, difficult and joyous lives.

In conversation I have learned the world is full of truly gracious and kind humans.
Most people are good!

Inspiration Challenge:

Tell me about something “good” you have witnessed?

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