The Bonds of Love Part Two

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Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Anontropolis


Here we are, always growing, changing, and moving forward into lighter and more aligned thoughts and actions. And together.

This is not a unique experience. I mean it’s 2022. What is unique about our exchange, however, has been our commitment to moving life itself forward from our connection – not just our own brief lives.


In the beginning, this community was founded in the philosophy that, as women in leadership positions in our local worlds, we must always show up as our best and “fullest version” of ourselves. Our communities look to us for guidance and that deep safety human beings feel when those in leadership positions are grounded and confident. It’s just natural.

It’s just as natural to find that difficult to maintain – especially as a woman – when our own personal safety and certainty is so affected by external reflections. Our biology is always reading our environment, tuned to interpret unseen nuance, in order to make life-giving decisions. Our consciousness then takes over to implement those decisions into actions that support our future.

It is no less, and no more complicated. There is such a thing as a positive autopilot; we call this healthy instinct.


The increasing difficulty with this, is the also conscious and continuous ambush of external influence that is skillfully designed to interrupt this natural human process for the single purpose of capturing your attention. Similarly, it is no less, and no more complicated.

In all of our discussions, we address this. In all of our conscious engagement, we seek to stay connected to the larger parts of ourselves that are interested in both giving and receiving healthy leadership. This is being ourselves, also, the healthy change we are seeking.

This week, we’re going to go straight down to the core of how and why this community has always worked to support our individual lives. We know the ripple out exists, but let’s not look outward to that this week. Let’s look inward towards that spot that Covid muddied up. Let’s shine it up.


Our questions this week:

If we are not trauma-bonding to fit in, how are we connecting to people?

What are the other things about people that are interesting?

What attracts us to people?

What does positive bonding look like?


Can you create a deep connection with someone this week that is not based on a trauma or a negative experience?

That is why we gathered in the first place.


Thank you for still being here, for being the centre. Thank you for being interested in what is interesting and beautiful about life.

Thank you for reflecting the beauty in life. It is such a powerful creature.



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