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Written by: Joy Seunarine; Listen to Your Body


“Joy, you have won a life long companion that will walk with you and fix the things of life that need to be done so you can be utterly yourself.”

I have come to love my crazy way of functioning in the world. I get an idea and run with it until the next idea comes. I love constantly learning. It makes my day to be fed new ideas- the fast food of Facebook and emails does not help.

I don’t work well with a schedule. I am not organized. They are very few things I do in a linear fashion.

I have been blessed by people in my life that love organizing. Or doing mundane tasks that put things into order.  When my sister, Donna visits, she helps me organize my office. She does my year end filing which to me is tedious. She gets such a kick out of it. We have great conversations punched with laughter from the jokes we share.

I have another friend, Claire, who for some reason, just likes hanging around with me. An amazing organizer, she helps me figure out my kitchen cupboards and other areas while we talk about interesting books we’ve read.

Throughout my adult life,  I have had times of restricted mobility. Again, people have stepped forward to help me move, to clean my house and , to cook for me. In 2016 I had a wrist replacement surgery. Living on my own, I created a schedule of those offering help. Everyone that came in offered delightful conversation as they brought their daily lives into my home to share with me Friends were  scheduled to cook, clean, help me bathe for 6 weeks after surgery, and look after the cats, Matthew and Abby.

I am truly blessed. I love my way of moving through the world. I just need a companion to help with the other stuff.



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