In Treasured Guesties

Written by: Joy Seunarine

Several years ago a commercial aired on TV that hit a deep truth for me. It showed people going about their daily lives shopping, working, travelling and eating.  The background explained the circumstances of each person. One person just lost their mother. One person just found out his wife was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In the seeming normalcy of daily routine, people were walking around carrying deep sorrow.  The message was clear: we do not know what others are carrying.

I would like to see a world where compassion is more evident. Can we be kind just knowing that what we are seeing in someone else is not the full picture?  Years ago I remember telling an acquaintance how much I enjoyed her smiling, bubbly presence. In that second, the mask dropped off and a deep despair became evident.  Can we hold grace for each other in our casual encounters?

Acts of kindness, as Collette referred to, are amazing at its ability to shift someone’s day. I remember the feeling of something simple, like having my coffee paid for at the drive through.  Special acts of thoughtfulness stay with me. I try to pay them forward.

Slowing down to be present in all our activities allows us to notice the small things that may go unnoticed.  Being curious as you stand in a waiting line can reveal so much. Opportunities for compassion abound.  Let us usher in a world that is kinder and more compassionate.

If someone is short with you, instead of reacting strongly, can you pause, and share a bit of grace for them. Compassion for ourselves and for each other is sorely lacking.



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