In Treasured Guesties

Written by: Joy Seunarine; Essential Connections Massage


The feelings of shame, abandonment and betrayal are universal states of being that often arise from the way we were parented, or taught by other authority figures in our lives.

In our personal practices we can notice how our bodies respond to situations that are negative, or that inadvertently teach us shame, betrayal or abandonment.  These reactions become imprinted on our bodies. In stressful situations which may be very different from the original event, our bodies will call up the same reaction.

Learning our bodies response to the more positive emotions, such as gratitude, happiness, compassion and love is helpful to shift the learned imprints formed from earlier times.

As we continue the journey of discovering our bodies unique signals, we are building resiliency. The  positive emotions hold an energetically higher vibration. This response swims through our body shifting the denser energies of shame, betrayal and abandonment.

The imprint of the denser energies gets lodged in our bodies in a non-linear way – in a similar way to memory. A flash of color is in one place, the feeling of a rough surface is imprinted in another area etc. One small trigger can bring the whole cascade to the forefront.

When we learn to listen to our bodies, we practice shifting from a dense state of contraction into a lighter state of higher vibration. The more we do this, the more our bodies will shift to this new pattern. The more we do this consciously, the more resilience we create – the more ability we have to bounce back.

Remember: honor heals shame; commitment heals abandonment; and loyalty heals betrayal.



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