Thank You

Consciously Woman was born of a long-distance feminine mastermind and connection group that met weekly over the phone around a central discussion topic. It has come a long way from emails and phone calls between a small and cherished group of colleagues to a growing international community with a robust, on-line presence. We have over the past 5 years, cultivated an inclusive culture of collaborative support on many levels: personal, professional, emotional, and social.
We owe it all to our members – past, present, public, and private. With great love and gratitude, we honour you with our hearts and our awareness. Thank you.

We believe in you! It’s as plain as the mask on your face. Pass it on xo

Zen and the Art of Online Group Coaching.

Have a peek at the talent behind our website and social media branding. Thank you RachelTaggart.com!

We so look forward to collaborating with all of you more in our future – members and supportive professionals. Cheers to an expansive growth of personal fulfillment and freedom.