Adrienne YeardyeFounder and Community Mentor


Welcome! I’m Adrienne. I am a Homeopath, a Glass Artist, and the Founder of Consciously Woman.

Where ever I am, I am governed by a thirst for experience, fearlessness, exploration, and the incredible feeling of freedom. That place travels with me. In fact, I’m pretty sure it is me. Or, maybe it is just my pleasure to give this cocktail of energies big legs and a giant smile.

I have studied with Homeopaths from around the world. After 15 years in practice myself, I am now dedicated to bringing homeopathic medicine, along with its supportive lifestyle philosophies, to the forefront of modern and accessible health care.

I am deeply committed to empowering today’s “patient.”


Why I joined Consciously Woman?

I founded Consciously Woman so I could join it!

My personal and professional journeys collided. I needed support, and I wanted to give support. I joined a women’s mastermind that met weekly. When that came to an end, I wanted to continue having that intensely valuable space in my life for me, and for other women. I wanted to continue to have access to their experience, and I wanted to continue to give mine. These incredible women support and inspire me in all areas of my life. They both challenge me to be my best, and support me in my fullness.

What is your Vision?

A credible, collaborative, patient-centric Homeopathic network.

Homeopathic principals and medicine are complicated. Homeopathic philosophy and lifestyle are bone simple. When health and wellness are easily achieved, life can be lived and enjoyed. We are not limited by our illnesses if we use them as guidance. They point us in the direction we need to go.


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