The Bonds of Love Part One

 In This Week's Topic

Written by: Adrienne Yeardye, Anontropolis


It’s the New Moon. For me in my journey of facilitating this incredible project, the next month is about implementing the changes I have been seeking. I’ve had great teachers in my life, but none as challenging as this stewardship. For me, there is no forward except in strength and newness of thought – bona fide.


This week’s topic comes as the true pivot point. The rebrand is not just about changing the name. It has been about bringing the concept home to it’s original intention, and then allowing it to evolve from that thoughtful position. Exactly as we do in homeopathic teaching, because our minds are free and powerful, we have always within us the choice to begin each step in health or in disease.

That has always been my job, to help make that choice possible each time. And if you are still here, you have answered that calling inside yourself also. I believe in my heart, that these connections we have nurtured over the years are whole and powerful.

And I still believe we can provide a healthy foundation for these connections to provide this kind of growth for others.


In preparation for the coming months, and to voice the true nature of this community – regardless of actual content conversation – I want to go back to the original question:

Who are you when you are awesome?

This week, let’s break out of the mold we slid into during Covid. It was well-intentioned, but it’s the wrong direction.

Think about this for an hour or so. Borrow an example from one of us in this founding community of contributors; that’s you too.

Keep thinking about this for the rest of the week. Try on as many awarenesses as you can – yours or one of the examples you see here in each other.

It matters. We go forward from only this. Everything else is false.

Who are you when you are awesome?

So much Love.


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