Patsy LussierPermaculture Consultant




    Thanks for being curious about me. I’m Patsy! How should I introduce myself…

    I am a simple honest version of myself really. I love to live life to its fullest and filling it with experiences. I adore witnessing the human spirit, and the beauty of life itself is what feeds me.

    I am layered and this has allowed me to connect with so many beautiful souls.

    My passion for skiing, the outdoors and sports has defined me for a long time. What keeps me truly connected is the natural world.

    I am a farmer, and the dream is to have a homestead. In the interim I am a permaculture designer, practitioner, contractor and gentle leader.

    Why did you join Consciously Woman?

    Oh this one is easy… Why not??!

    We create the world we want to love in. Well, it is already present – we just have to connect with it. There is so much good in this world if you know where to look. This space resonates that.

    A collaboration of strong, independent, fierce, kind and supportive women? Yes please! This space has not only allowed me, but encouraged me, to use my voice. I feel supported, no matter where I’m at.

    This is a place to be real and to level up!

    Much love, Ladies


    What is your Vision?

    Living and sharing permaculture!

    This has been a learning journey for me, and the best way to keep learning is to keep sharing – opening and engaging in conversations. There is so much genius out there and most times it is not in my mind or in yours alone. It comes out when we put our minds together, in the space we allow when we share.

    Fulfilling my human needs in reciprocity with the land is my ultimate dream. And I will keep growing as I meander my way to that 💕


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