I Will Always Laugh

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Great question. And one I struggle with as I too, like Krystle, do not think about where I am going to be at 90 (or if my chosen path even leads me to that age…although I have been told I am here for a while!).That said, if I were to make it to 90, I would hope that the world in which we live in still exists.

It is no surprise that mother earth is taking a hit from human consumption. I pray and envision a world where children can still go outside to play, where forests and natural lands still stand, and the food, air and water we require for life is clean and sustainable. For me, this is what the world still looks like at 90. As an individual, I will continue in my great old age to fight the good fight and do my part. A list for myself entails:

1. Having a sound mind. How can I continue to make change if I can’t find my way out of my house?

2. I will have a strong body, that with its aches and pains ( I have them now so I know they will be there down the road) will allow me to move and shake the ground that I walk on, making small ripples into the greater tide of this planet and creating change on a individual, family, and community level.

3. I will always laugh (and make others laugh…because that part of me just won’t fade).

4. I will have no embarrassment in who I am as a person, what I do or who I love. Basically, my confidence level will be on at full capacity.

5. I will continue to have amazing friends, even at 90! We have social outings, we play bingo, and we listen to some music from back in our day …N’Sync anyone!?

6. I will still be practicing homeopathy to some level because utilizing homeopathy myself is what keeps me feeling healthy to the age of 90!

7. Travel, travel, travel. I will always have the calling.

8. I have a lot of land tucked away somewhere in the north, with a ton of cats and dogs. A vision I just get but I like it. Crazy cat lady rings a bell.

9. At 90 I will know I have done my part and I can sit back, and enjoy all the fruits of my labor.

Who knows what the future holds but if it looks like that then ride on!

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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