For the Love of The Lily

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The Lily: Known by the Greeks to be derived from the milk of Hera, queen of Gods and the May birth flower. Lilies represent friendship, devotion, prosperity, virtue, and humility. They also symbolize that the soul of a departed loved one has reached eternal peace. This flower has always been a flower that I admire and love. Its beauty is just one part for me, but its meaning holds another. I love how the lily starts off in a cylindrical pod, comfortable, safe from environmental stress. Then slowly the tip of the pod cracks, pokes its head out and takes a look to see what this world is all about. If the conditions are too harsh, the flower chooses to die, taking on a new energetic form. One that is invisible to the eye. If the world around the lily is favourable the pod begins to split and bloom, and once the lily realizes this world offers vibrancy and beauty, it expands quickly into its fullest expression. When I think of stars I think of lilies. Their shape and presence are quiet, yet profound if you look close enough.

I love the lily for many reasons. I paid closer attention to this when I realized my father was in need of an organ transplant. The symbol that represents organ donation is the lily. Now, each time I see a lily I see my dad and know that he has reached his eternal peace, now guiding me on this planet to reach mine (time constraints removed).

I also love that the lily represents virtue and prosperity, which are two qualities I hold very close to me when it comes to being a Homeopath. Without virtue and prosperity my successes as a practitioner may never have bloomed into their fullest potential. I have to hold the highest standard of care at the forefront when treating because it’s what my patients need and demand. To do no harm, to ‘cure’ in a gentle, rapid, and effective manner and to restore the balance of health. There is no other choice. When it comes to prosperity, I always want to see my patients prosper in all realms of their lives. It’s not just about treating one issue, but rather treating every single thing in their lives that feels out of balance, both in the emotional and physical realm. When my patients prosper, I prosper. Like the lily, when I start treatment with a new patient my own energy starts off in the pod, peaking its head out to navigate the case, and as the case moves along, I begin to bloom into that star that shines brightly. I am the lily for my dad, for my patients and for my higher self.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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