Investing in Myself

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This is such a powerful topic of discussion, and also something I have always struggled with – although now less and less as I do the inner work. Not good enough. Who the hell came up with that saying? Regardless, I used to always be in a place of “not good enough” when it came to being a Homeopath and running a business. Who was I to be treating the sick when I had barely scratched the surface in school with this new, profound knowledge of healing? I told myself, “I am not good enough. I am not as good as the practitioners who have been practicing for 20 odd years.” Well of course! But yet, the little voice inside my head felt that sabotage was the way to go, and as a result, for almost my first entire year of practice, I sat back. I allowed my fear of not being good enough to crush my dreams. That voice also said, “you have no business running one when you have no background in it.” Thanks tips! I heard you loud and clear.

Now, I could care less about the “not good enough” business. I know I am good enough and it can be seen in all the healing that I do, not just in my practice, but on a daily basis with friends, family and strangers. Simple gestures, words of kindness, or a smile are all healing modalities for the other. I am good enough to be giving all my gifts and receiving those gifts from others. This was another hard part in my life: receiving from others, which I have slowly overcome. And what have I been doing for myself to elaborate on the awesomeness that is I? I started investing in me and in my business. I put money towards proper marketing, working with people who genuinely believe in what I do, and want to help – in some small way – my business and I grow, together. I never thought something so simple as investing in what I am passionate about could lead to remarkable changes, but it has and the momentum won’t stop.

For me, when I invest in my business and in myself I am saying I am worth it all. I am worth every penny that goes into what I am doing, and I am worth every penny that flows back into my life, giving me the lift I need to take the next step. It’s funny, when I start to truly value myself and my talents and say yes, how easy the Universe gives back. I think there has been a time or two where I have heard it say “finally, it’s taken you long enough. Now let’s get up and go!”.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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