Waking Up in Kenya

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I was excited to read this topic! I initially had a million thoughts run through my mind, and once I actually sat with it, the first and only answer which rang true for me: volunteering as a Homeopath in Africa. This is my ideal day. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to visit Africa (at one point I was convinced in past lives I was from Africa). People ask me why, and I really can’t explain it. It’s captivating for me. The culture, the people, the land and, my word, the elephants!

My ideal day would be waking up in Kenya to the sounds of nothing I have ever heard before. The sun shining in on my tent from a different part of the world, basking me in its warmth in a completely new way. If coffee is available, I am doing it. I would then gather round with the rest of the volunteers who would be heading out to different locations to treat the sick for free with Homeopathy! One of the exciting ways to treat multiple small villages is to jump on the travelling bus that heads from village to village treating acute cases. I would spend my day taking cases, learning about the lifestyle, dis-ease process (they are different here), and stories of the people of this nation. Not only would this change my view of how important it is to live my life simply, but honor and respect all the gifts I have been given back home in Canada. The non-for-profits that run these services tailor their resources to those who are the most in need.

After a half day of treating (in an ideal world it would be a full day), I would take the remaining time I had to go and visit an elephant rescue sanctuary. There are many across Africa. Honestly, I would break down into tears at the first sight of one, because I have a divine connection to them and great respect for their kind. I need an elephant hug so that would have to happen, and lord help me if there are baby elephants around. I would end up as muddy as they do during play time.

I would end my day heading back to the camp to clean up, eat and gaze upon the night stars sharing stories with all the amazing new people that have now become part of my extended family. Before bed I would sit in silence to meditate, and I can’t even imagine the sights, sounds and smells that would occur just by being still in a new place…a place that has always felt like home.

Written By Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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