Unique Creativity

 In Treasured Guesties

Written by: Joy Seunarine; Essential Connections Massage

For years, I have told myself that I am not creative. If I drew a horse, maybe you would think it is a chair; they both have four legs.  However, several years ago I started to realize that my canvas is the human  body. As a Massage Therapist I am able to interface with bodies to read patterns and  ley lines that shift the frame of our being out of balance. I then use my artist’s brush, aka my hands, to bring the body to better balance. My creativity is the body.

My recent creative exploration is my artist’s date this week.  In the body of work I’ve studied, Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), there are many techniques or you could say hand placements to achieve a certain goal. If you’ve had a treatment with me, you will see many manuals that I pull out from time to time. My clients laugh if I have pulled out the third one; must be serious we joke.  One type of technique are  systems which  comprise connections to several anatomical areas to achieve a certain goal . Systems have different names: shock release, kidney support etc.

Recently a colleague and I were talking about pulling these systems out again. We were curious if, with our vantage point of experience in IMT, we recognize a deeper, more subtle benefit. The liver systems are quite complicated and complex.  My colleague wondered how we could simplify them. Perhaps there is another way of doing them.  This is where my creative muscles kicked in. It sat in the back of my brain being tossed back and forth for several weeks.  Slowly, I realized that I could bring an energetic perspective to it. When my hands are ‘engaged’ there is a certain feeling I perceive when the body is working.  I pulled out my anatomy text, my liver systems and my drawing pad. I envisioned each hand placement based on the anatomy I was interfacing with. As I drew the connections and felt them with my hands, I felt that known feeling in my hand.  In fact, I brought the system to life in my hands.

Creativity can be in many shapes or forms. Where in your life do you make something new out of something that was different?  In what areas of your life can you make it uniquely your own? I would love to hear about your unusual creative pursuits.



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