The Path of Speaking One’s Truth

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Follow the yellow brick road. I feel as thought, for most of my life, I have taken every coloured road possible. What I mean by this is that for me, the yellow brick road leads to a set destination…Oz! In my life there has never been a set destination because every time I thought I had one, the colour of the road would change and off I would go again down a different path.

The Red Road: I had to learn to ground myself  in my life. I was all over the map and I had no idea where I was heading. This happened shortly after losing both my dad and my boyfriend of five years (within three weeks of each other…hello, torn heart!). I navigated my way down this path trying to make sense of what had happened, not allowing myself to heal because I believed a strong person can just keep trekking forward, and finding I still had no idea where I was going. Cue Reiki and ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. Two life changing modalities that helped me understand what was happening, and how to find the connection and grounding I needed to move on to the next adventure.

The Orange Road: I did a million things to explore my creative side. I travelled around the world living solely out of a backpack. I basically started to express myself in ways that did not require speaking. My creative juices were flowing and I was ready to have at it. I was also ready to explore a new career outside of nursing (Homeopathy), that was full of magical concepts and a gathering of brilliant, creative, like-minded individuals.

The Yellow Road: Now I am a Homeopath and Reiki Practitioner. And it’s great! I know my life’s purpose, I am confident in what I do, and I can take on the world! Not so fast – I started to find all my insecurities. Was I an awesome person, powerful and unstoppable? Could I be an entrepreneur? Of course not, I had no background in business. Oh no! Am I actually healing with energy, or am I making up what I am feeling and telling myself it’s real? What a fraud! Yes, this too, was part of my journey. Some of you may be familiar with Impostor Syndrome. I had no confidence in what I was doing because as a student I was a learner, and not expected to know everything. Now, I am a healer working on my own, and treating real people with real problems. It took me a long time to navigate this road, to find my self-worth, my confidence, and to heal some of those inner child wounds that said “you’re not good enough, try harder.”

The Green Road: It’s easy to love other people, I have been doing it my whole life. Time to take on the lesson of loving myself. How could I be whole if I couldn’t love myself? I had hated myself (not my mind, so much as my physical body) for a very long time. I suffered from an eating disorder in high school, and that type of dis-ease sticks with you long after you physically heal. I had to take time to figure out what loving myself really meant. Who am I? Why am I awesome? How can I try to not feel guilty or in “ego” when speaking about myself? This is a road that I still – to this day – jump on and off, but as time goes on, I am discovering more love for myself than I could have ever thought possible. This then permeates into the energy field around me, and into the world.

The Blue Road: This is the path of speaking one’s truth. I haven’t ever had a problem speaking my truth, and many years ago I probably should have quieted this voice from time to time, to say the least. Now I find I am using my voice to represent not only myself, but the masses. I speak for those who cannot speak, I engage in conversations of a deep, dark nature (part of the job), and I get to share all of my experiences and stories with those around me. I have the ability to speak my power into existence. What a powerful gift, to have the ability to physically manifest what has been spoken into existence.

The Indigo/Violet Road: Ah yes, and here is where I shall rest. Over the last two years I have made huge gains on this road, discovering my energetic gifts and abilities. I have been healing the wounded with Homeopathy, finding the light in all those around me, and making genuine connections with amazing humans who are all here for the same purpose: to exist, to experience, to love.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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