The Nature of Giving Care

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Mothers…I have been around my fair share of moms. I want to take this opportunity to share about my experiences with mothers, because I get to see things with a different lens: I am a nurse and a homeopath. I work with, care for, and interact with moms all the time.

As a Nurse: I see moms in their most desperate states. Whether they are patients worried about how their families are going to survive without them, should something happen, or moms who have a child (I work with adults, so these are their grown babies) in the hospital bed being treated. Let me start by saying women are so strong! Even in the most dire of circumstances moms are putting their families and others before themselves even when they are the ones that need the TLC. I think it is hard for some women to not just accept help, but to have their most loyal companions see them out of commission, unable to do for themselves. I have seen moms at the bedside day and night, talking to their children, bringing in photos and trying to make a tragic experience more bearable. I commend every mom out there who has spent tireless days and nights living out of a hospital cot.

As a Homeopath: In this role I get to see things from a very different light. I see moms who are coming in with all sorts of issues, whether it be chronic stress, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, gut issues etc. These women see me because they want to prevent anything from happening to them before they end up in the hospital. They recognize they have a role to play, a responsibility to their families, and they see there are people in their lives who need and depend on them. They step into my office ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get their health back in order. It’s a powerful energy to experience as a homeopath. The drive these women have to keep their vessel at optimal function, in order to care for others. Women love to give because in giving they also receive. There is no greater satisfaction for me then when I treat and see progress in their physical and mental health. I know I have played a small role in bringing back the balance that was once lost, giving them back to their loved ones in a state of bliss.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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