The Importance of Protein

 In Sound Bites

Written by: Kelly Duffin; Kick it With Kelly


Many people like to use protein powders to help supplement their diets. Whey protein has
been a popular choice for such supplementation over the past many years.

Protein has been largely misunderstood across the fitness industry at large. Whey protein not
only inflames the gut, but it also causes water retention causing cellulite, acne & also feeds
unhealthy gut bacteria! Most vegan powders include Pea protein. In 85% of people this causes
extreme bloating & very yucky and embarrassing gas problems. Sprouted brown rice protein
powder is one of my favourite options that contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a
“complete” protein, which helps to rebuild cells more optimally. Another one I have discovered
is entirely pure pumpkin seed powder. Pumpkin seeds actually contain equal parts heathy fats
& protein, which is a rare gem in the world of nutrition & health!

Did you know, you need “complete” protein to be sure your body is using the protein in the
way that it should. Without all 9 essential amino acids, your cells actually CAN’T rebuild
themselves strongly enough! Yes, there is a lot of protein in certain veggies, etc, BUT, it either
MUST come from an animal source OR be one of the rare ones that contain all 9 essential
amino acids to work properly in your body.

You can find brands such as Iron Vegan, Sun Warrior and Vega online or at most larger grocery stores. Nothing takes your gains or diet to the next level like the boost that these beauties


Go! Get Your Healthy On.



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