Can You Train Your Brain to Like Healthy Foods?

 In Sound Bites

Written by: Kelly Duffin; Kick it With Kelly


The answer is YES! Part of my job is consulting on how to help certain children overcome
behavioural challenges via entrainment of a healthy or healthier diet.

Many adults suffer unknowingly with the same (sometimes more and often worse) mental
challenges based on an imbalanced diet with a severe lack of essential nutrients otherwise
gained from “healthy food”.

The nutrients, vitamins & minerals in foods play a huge role in our mental state, thought
patterning & behaviour. It is not an inherent human trait to not like healthy food. This is learned & I learned via various methods. An imbalanced diet can also cause:

� Anxiety
� Headaches
� Depression
� Irritability
� Chronic fatigue
� Inability to handle stress
� Cravings
� Acne
� Hormonal imbalance
� Poor sleep
� Bloating & IBS
� Joint pain
� Stiffness
� Delayed recovery from illness or exercise

Not only those, but many more afflictions that most people have no idea is directly related to

No matter what ailment (mental or physical) someone presents to me, bringing the diet into
balance FIRST makes for a far easier diagnosis & treatment for any symptoms left remaining

TIP: most people never have ANY remaining symptoms once diet is properly balanced.
Are you suffering from any of the above symptoms? Contact a holistic nutritionist to help reset
that body and thus, your mental state.


Go! Get Your Healthy On.



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