Something Sweet to Consider

 In Sound Bites

Written by: Kelly Duffin; Kick it With Kelly


We all love sweetness! There is just so much about sugar that most are generally unaware of.
Processed white and refined sugar is one of the most deadly things for us to ingest health
wise. In this day and age, it’s hiding in so many processed food products that we often don’t
realize the sheer quantity that enters our bodies!

Sugar is one of the leading causes of an unbalanced gut, and also changes the Ph balance of
our bodies in a very unhealthy acidic way. As a note, cancer is unable to survive in an alkaline
environment, and the rise of cancer cases vs the rise of sugar laden processed foods is
shockingly a tied race!

Agave nectar is a liquid sweetener made from the agave plant. From the same plant that gives
us tequila. In the 1990s, agave nectar was heralded as a low-glycemic alternative to sugar. But
in fact the process in which they create agave syrup is exactly the same one by which high
fructose corn syrup is produced.

The conclusion is clear. Agave nectar is not good for you. It’s not traditional, not natural in the
end, highly refined, and contains more concentrated fructose than high fructose corn syrup.
Did you know, there are a couple of sweetening agents we can use that don’t harm our bodies
at all! Maple syrup and raw (opaque) honey are both super foods that make our food taste
delicious also. Not only that, Monk Fruit, Stevia & Xylitol are virtually undetectable by our gut
bacteria, in a way that gives us our sweetness and balanced gut also!


Go! Get Your Healthy On.



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