Raise the Morning Sun

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Spring has sprung! Awesome…so now what? I am finding this spring to be carrying a very renewed, as well as a completely different energy with it. I have this vision of grabbing a hand full of seeds and chucking them into a massive garden. I have no idea where they will land, which ones will grow roots, and which ones will bloom into their full potential. This is how I see my “planting” going this spring for not only just my business, but my life.

Homeopathic Goals

  • To run two workshops in the fall, one on Gut Health and one on Hormone Health.
  • To run a collaborative one day workshop with my colleague Laura from Fit Vegan Freak to show people it’s not just one thing to restoring health. We need to be mindful of our diet, the quality of our foods, what we drink, our activity level and then incorporate Homeopathy to assist and boost our vitality to compliment the rest.
  • To collaborate with as many people as possible to help bring awareness of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine to my community and world wide.
  • To continue teaching on various topics related to homeopathy and health, do more videos (I have shied away from these as of late), and get my face out there on the internet.
  • To treat and help restore balance and health to as many people I can. I want people to see the value in themselves and their health, and to do that I have to help create that space for them by doing some of the above mentioned.
  • Continue my own learning in Homeopathy~ finishing my fellowship as of June with the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and returning in the Fall & Winter to pick up additional courses (because as much as I hate school, I also absolutely love it).

Personal Goals

  • Heading solo to the UK & Italy in August to travel and become re-connected with my oneness. A yoga retreat in the mountains of San Flaviano, Italy!
  • To continue looking inward for answers, connection and growth through meditation, yoga and nature walks.
  • Develop my yoga practice by doing the teacher training program.
  • Read more books.
  • Sleep more
  • Continue already doing all the great things I do with family, friends and on my own!

There…the seeds have been thrown, now I’ll sit back to see which ones will flourish and grow. May Mother Earth continue to raise the morning sun, drop the evening rain, and nurture the soil to support all my hopes and dreams.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy


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