On Waking

 In Treasured Guesties

Written by: Joy Seunarine; Listen to Your Body

At the first stirring of consciousness after sleep, there is a sweet spot between sleep and wake where everything is crystal clear. In this heightened state of awareness, the veil between worlds is thinned.  Your mantel of defense has not had a chance to fall into place. The mask is off. There is a sweetness and delight in this first waking.

I have come to realize that this space offers the truest read of how I am doing. I wonder how many people take this opportunity to check in. I am thinking that most people pass over this moment so quickly that the fruit is never picked.

So what is my awesomeness habit?  I take a snapshot of that first feel. Is there heaviness somewhere in my body? Is there delight or excitement?  Can I shift it in that moment? Do I understand where it is sourced from? How can I work with it?  Do I feel excited about something within this day?

I have learned so many tools from this simple task. I have the awareness that regardless of how I am feeling, a shift in perspective can make all the difference. It allows me to not be mired in the heaviness but to live with the possibility of goodness despite the contracted feeling. If I awake with a sense of heaviness, I have tools at my disposal, gathered over the years, to draw on. These tools shift my outlook.

“This is the day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it”.  I said this often during episodes of intense pain.  Saying this, despite feeling awful, helped me expand my awareness to possibilities I didn’t see.  Some other tools I have used are as follows:

  • I do an acupressure protocol on myself.
  •  I do twenty minutes of journal speak writing as a five year old having a tantrum.
  •  I do emotional freedom technique.
  • I go for a walk.

Each morning,   I choose how to enter the day.  Over the years this practice cemented itself in my first morning ritual of centering prayer which I do for 20 minutes.  For me, dropping into centering prayer is feeling that I am being loved and held unconditionally. This practice can have moments of challenge but I always feel a sense of calm. When I miss a day, which is quite rare, I feel like something is off with my day.

Morning rituals set the tone for my day. I can’t get through my day without them.



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