My Passion and My Purpose

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Welcome to all our amazing new members! This will be a platform of expression like no other for you.

A little blurb on me:

I became aware there was more to life then just shopping and gossip when my dad passed away 12 years ago. Thank you pops for the gift you gave me, much gratitude. I started my life out as a nurse and continue to work part time in cardiac ICU, 10 years ago. But wait there’s more…I went back to school and I am now a Registered Homeopath and Reiki Practitioner. This is my passion, this is my purpose: helping those who need the healing hand without the fear  sometimes found in current health care settings.

love yoga, and as a dedicated yogi I will be travelling solo to Europe for my own mini version of Eat, Pray, Love. I live for travel, so this year part of my trip will be to Italy to do a yoga retreat. I am also currently learning the beautiful Italian language with a tutor in order to make sense of the words spoken to me, rather than just waving my hands around endlessly. I am Italian so it’s probably not a bad idea. Plus, you’re never too old to learn a language! I love to meditate and I am starting to really spend time with my journal. It helps to channel some of the anxious thoughts and feelings I get when my brain likes to tell me, ” you will never be able to do this because…”.

I can’t stop drinking wine because I love it so much. I have a passion for music (for many years I played the trumpet and drums) as I find it is a way to express myself without speech, and I love to dance…in my living room…blinds up. My favourite night would be to sit in my comfy clothes with a glass of wine, good food, and great company. Conversation and good company is of utmost importance to me.

I hike, swim, cycle, and love planting my face in the soft grass. I have two cats that are my children. In October, I married one of the most compassionate, kind human beings I have ever met, and together we continue to shape our lives as we see fit. This means providing space to allow growth individually (hence my Europe trip), and coming together to walk the same path while embracing the differences. Future prospects? Heal the world! I want to inspire those around me to say yes to their lives and yes to their health. It’s a mission of mine to meet as many like-minded individuals I possibly can to expand my current soul family.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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