It’s Perfection

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Written by: Kelly Duffin; Kick it With Kelly


Preparing food and eating it. This is one thing that as humans, we do day in, day out. How could we not be perfect at this?

Personally, the perfectionist in my mind reared its ugly head and decided that if only I could prepare food more perfectly, and be more perfect with what, when, and where I ate that—in turn—would create a more perfect me. A smaller me. A fitter me. A me that would look on the outside as if I had my sh*t together on the inside.

If the food wasn’t perfectly healthy, I believed I couldn’t be a perfect health coach. If my body wasn’t perfectly small enough, I couldn’t be the perfect-looking fitness coach that fit the role enough for people to hire me. Who would believe I had as much knowledge on health and wellness as I did at such a young age (comparatively to most older holistic health professionals) unless I turned myself into the most seemingly perfect billboard.

This was a very slippery slope into a downwards spiral of becoming more and more imperfect as time went on. I would spew my health knowledge all over the place to help others reach their goals. As each one reached success, I fell farther and farther through the downwards spiral—spiralling away from my own health success.

Never had I been more unhealthy or unhappy. I had become the perfect example of someone not living in alignment with their own values!

No matter what you look like on the outside. What’s happening on the inside can and will eventually shine through, exposing the truth of the imperfection.

I then decided to fall into the imperfection. To just start caring about me and my own health, and not trying to be so perfect. It became my mission to knock myself off of the self-imposed perfect pedestal I had climbed up onto, and help others realize that the best and most efficient (also guaranteed) way to reach their health, wellness and body image goals was to embrace the imperfection in the journey.

I pulled back from selling and started simply sharing. I shared how imperfectly I made food. How imperfectly I ate, how imperfectly I lived, and yet, in a way that rocketed me towards the success of my own goals in a much faster timeline than might have been thought achievable!

I now live an extremely happy imperfect life. I strive now not for perfection, rather beautiful, imperfect realism. Now, as others come along for help, I no longer coach them from the outside the way that I used to. Instead, I walk alongside them, experiencing their perfectly imperfect journey with them, arm-in-arm until we reach the beautifully perfect success story that awaits.


Kelly Duffin is a Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Consultant – with a killer YouTube channel with free tips, information, and explosive high vibration. We are delighted to have her join us!



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