Hey! You Can’t Do That!

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I must say that well behaved was never my strong suit. What does well behaved even mean? To define it let alone live it? Who knows nor do I care. My whole life I have been that person that when told ” you can’t do that”, I go and do it even if it kills me. Part of this was going back to school to become a homeopath. Not that everyone was saying I can’t but when I told people I was going back I got the, “Why would you do that? Your a nurse, you have an amazing profession. Why don’t you become a doctor! Now there’s a thought”.

F*&^ off. That was my response. I understood that people are just ignorant and set in their own ways. They live their lives with an outer shell that smells of titles, roles, responsibilities and lack of self awareness. I also know that when I go against the grain I bring out a fear (and jealousy) in people because they feel they are trapped in their current life or could never do the things I am doing. More bullshit.

When I made the decision to become a homeopath I was misbehaving. I was going against my current profession as a nurse, an allopathic health care provider. I switched the gears and changed my thinking into something radical and unimaginable! I was going to heal with ENERGY! * Insert mind explosion* For many this was nuts and was a profession I was going to make no money in. If I would have listened to those voices including my own, which told me this as well (ego, ego, ego) I would have fallen back in line and never made a difference to any of the patients I have touched and treated.

But now I see why being misbehaved has so many benefits. When I started my practice I thought I was being 100% authentic. But wait Meghan, you have to be professional as well. So what did that look like? Letting my patients walk all over me, dictating their own treatment (to some degree) and letting the ‘business bullies’ direct my practice. Alrighty then. Lesson learned. I needed to continue to push forward, go against what society thinks is “professionalism” and just bring me to the table.

Well, that seems to be working out because now that I have carved my own path, put my own lab coat on and practice the way I see fit, the outcome is nothing short of success. Sometimes patients (who are people like you and I!) need to be called out on their shit. They need to be told in direct ways that their behaviours are sabotaging their health, they need someone to step in and be their champion for them when no one else will. Sometimes these actions require stepping out of the norm and misbehaving! I relish in my misbehaviour, know when I need to keep the peace but dance around in my unconventional ways because my life is so much more exciting than I ever thought it could be.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy

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