My Heart is Still and Listening

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I am my own heart magic. My higher self,  a consciousness or intuitive being, gets me through my days, helping guide my decisions. This is such a great topic because its something which has been happening to me (awakening or consciousness/awareness) since 2006. From the moment I realized there were forces out there greater than my human self (universal energy), I tried to tap into it at every turn. This awareness supported me through the years, and gave me a new outlook on life, on how I should be treating others by showing compassion and kindness to all living things. But then there was this moment…and bam!

I realized that I was all that is good, all that is love, all that is kind. We as humans are all that is good, all that is love, all that is kind. Together we help one another bump and grind through this world as a collective consciousness, and clear the path for others (I call these people in my life, catalysts) to learn their own lessons while gaining insight into our own purpose at the same time.

Here’s an example of the moving and shaking of my life which, with effort and awareness, has lead me to the very footprint I have made today.

1. Dad passes away during surgery (he has a cardiac arrest with no explanation).

2. That month, I decide to enroll into the Cardiac ICU program for my 4th year as a nurse. I want to figure out the reasons and find the answers to the whys, which I didn’t get with my dad.

3. I got hired in the Cardiac unit before graduation.

4. I left a toxic relationship of five years just three weeks after his passing, making room for me and my travels.

5. I became awakened and aware of who I was starting to truly become as a person, and what each of us were designed to do. I went on a learning frenzy to figure out why humans exist, the reasoning for all the small synchonicities that take place within our own lives and the lives of others, and then marvel and play with that knowledge.

6. Bought a home with my second ex when I knew I shouldn’t because I was in a relationship that did not resonate with me on a deeply emotional and spiritual level.

7. Broke my foot, forcing me to slow down, and giving me time to look within and I then stumbled upon Homeopathy. Signed up for an intro course and the rest is history.

8. Went to Italy after the broken foot, and heard a voice – my higher self saying “Meghan, it’s time to leave”…and yes, I thought I was losing my s*&t at that point. (I’d had a few glasses of vino, but there was no doubt!) I came home and left the homestead and the relationship.

Fast forward and here I am, still listening to my true, inner voice (and don’t get me wrong, my mental chatter box mind loves to deviate me at all times).This is the voice that guides me along my way, making me turn left and not right. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been, and I am always comforted to know that the Universe has my back! The joy, the pain, the loss and the gain…all there for my highest purpose: to succeed in every single thing I do so that at the end of this human life I can say, “Thanks for the fantastic ride you bugger. Until next time!”.

Written by: Meghan Manzo; Health and Healing Homeopathy


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