Discipline is Freedom

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I recently wrote that discipline is freedom. It’s something that I recognize as true, but haven’t always put in place. I admit that I am no stranger to turning off the lights and putting my head in the sand. I do this because I have some beliefs nagging at the back of my head: if I’m not x, y and z, then I cannot have the kind of success I want in life. This kind of thinking causes me to not show up, and to spend too many days alone at home. It causes me to shut down my passions and ambitions, and it starts to physically manifest itself as being fatigued, and mentally and physically unwell. I truly believe that our mental, emotional and physical health is intricately tied together, and that as long as we’re not honouring all three, we cannot show up as the brightest most powerful version of ourselves. I have taken away my own power through lack of discipline, which is strange seeing as many people relate discipline with punishment, restriction and suppression.

I believe in the power of manifestation though not in the way many have come to understand it. It’s not as simple as wishing on a star or rubbing a magic lamp and hoping for a genie to come out. Manifestation is a tool that requires our focus, our action and our constant retraining of our minds. For myself, the most powerful manifestations have come from being very connected and clear about what I want. They have come from intimately knowing myself and my goals and what I want in my life at the core of my being. It also comes from making a bold declaration, whether it’s to a friend in conversation, in prayer, on a vision board (like the one I made in this photo) or in a journal entry. I haven’t powerfully manifested in quite some time because I have allowed myself to feel powerless, and I’ve been lazy with working on my mindset. In truth, I’ve been waiting for life to happen to me instead of me being the game changer in my own life. I have allowed myself to wallow in the grey vagueness of possibility, without committing to a path and taking action. So where does this leave me? No further along than I was when I was laid off from my job in 2016.

That said, in the world at large I have two specific goals: The first is to complete the book I am writing. The second is to design a program, or a workshop to guide people to their own inner healing. In order to achieve both, I have to practice getting clear on my intentions, and what it will look like when both are complete. Through writing in my journal and speaking it into existence, I refine my intentions and process in order to take action; it’s guided by my vision of the outcome. I’ve never written a book before just as I’ve never designed a program before, but I know what kind of books I’d want to read just as I know the kind of workshops and programs I’d want to attend. Using that as my template, it provides a foundation for the process.

Keeping on track has always been a challenge for me, so I’m using accountability to move forward. By communicating my plan and designing the steps I will take to achieve it, I offer myself actionable steps to get to where I want to be. Having someone, or many people, to share those goals and milestones, creates the inner need to keep my integrity intact and stick to my word. It also allows me to provide the same kind of structure and accountability to someone else. That said – if anyone’s looking for an accountability partner let me know because I’m in!

Staying focused on my mindset while also remaining accountable are two tools I’ll be using to bring my dreams to life. Laying out the blueprints and aligning them with my desires is a surefire way of achieving what I want. Fully fleshed out ambitions written in my journal, and actionable steps in bullet points will help me get back in touch with my discipline and therefore my power. As long as I take my power away with laziness, lack of focus and action, I know my goals will never materialize on the scale I envision. It’s time to re-calibrate, take action, and get this boulder up to the top of the mountain.

Written by: Sandra Barnhart

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