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Horses Don’t Lie….and neither did Grandma.

To this very day, I reflect fondly on my time spent with my grandma, Effie Elliott; pondering our deeply profound conversations based upon simplicity and logic. I realize they were a lasting legacy of soulful, lingering thoughts from her heart-based supportive teachings and understandings on diverse and varied topics. Grandma listened, and she spoke using words that soothed life’s hurts, while positively influencing the growth and development of personal character. Her quiet guidance and perceptive wisdom was uniquely progressive and humbly mature, which I did not yet understand as a wee cowgirl and young woman. I did not have the maturity to realize how far-reaching and long-lasting her influential guidance would extend into my life.

Now that I am older than yesterday, I am aware of my desire to be a strong yet gentle woman of kind heart and durable integrity, as was Grandma Elliott.

I savour a few favourite internal adages from Grandma Elliott: to learn something new every day; do something productive and good every single day; don’t be afraid to be creative, artistic and imaginative; and it’s okay to be unique.

It took me well into adulthood to learn that even a cowgirl nap (self-care) qualifies as a task well done, and a good lesson learned. Akin to a very fine horse who works hard, I too have a base need for balance between work, rest and restore, play and frolic. Just as my grandma graciously imparted a foundation of wisdom in me when I was young, it is my heart’s desire to inspire hope that will touch lives and open doors to endless possibilities.

From my experience as a professional trainer and coach, I know how impossible it is to force a horse to do anything, especially to love me. I do truly believe it’s important to treat horses and people with respect, and to encourage through kindness. Though only from reciprocity of respect do we achieve lasting results. Grandma understood this, and mirrored the unspoken inner peace that comes from giving personal permission to simply be oneself, with no apology. Nowadays I comprehend and embody that it’s not selfish or prideful to love, nurture and respect oneself first and foremost. Though life will put before me, as with everyone, really big boulders and stones to step over, dodge and go around, I see that its okay to humbly be my own trusted, respected and valued best friend.

May you have a great Saskatchewan Day, Grandma, wherever you are.

Written by: MableAnn Elliott

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