Focus: Stand Strong; Remain Gentle

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When pondering and considering the ceremonies or practices in which I engage, the word “focus” comes to mind. I’ve discovered that I require moments and time where I can focus and/or refocus. I feel there is a celebration in the magnitude of attention to “focus”, a direct view to the end goal of a project, to the planning and list-making; this is all part of my thought gathering process.

My practice of engaged focus is being on track with my day-to-day tasks and life goals, engaging only in the right projects in the right space, with the right people. The desire to embrace what is right for me is not selfish. The intent is healthy, and wholesomely merged for the collective good. When life throws curve balls and sets boulders for me to maneuver, to focus, be on-focus, re-focus is what grounds me.

From experience, I recognize that when frustrations, challenging situations, upsets and disappointments roll in, and when I have the thoughts of “what have I gotten myself into,” this is the ideal time for me to focus. In doing so, I shift my body, mind, and soul energy to connect and work with the natural forward flow rather than recklessly depleting myself by struggling to push against resistance. By seizing a pause to focus, as quickly as a breath I can re-energize and heal. With three life-changing conscious intentional breaths, there is a shift from reacting to responding.

I have learned that it’s trickiest to see through chaos when my center is shifted off-focus and out of balance. If I am to be of service to mankind, it’s essential to support my own health and wellness. As I am a sensory person, the ambiance of a setting is vital – I surround myself with positive, mood sensory enhancing elements.

I am fortunate to love my work in that it is also how I play. Every day I am blessed to include fresh air, dirt, sunshine, exercise, animals, birds, and like-minded, kind people. To hold my focus close is to count my blessings so that no matter where I am, or who I am with, I bring these sensory elements into my being. This allows me to stand strong while remaining gentle.

Written by: Mable Elliott

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