I Am Resilient

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In Saskatchewan, we have the most beautiful seasons, as well as weather which can present all seasons in a single day. Last week I experienced lots of snow that required four days of long hours on my tractor, Little Green Girl, which is like a faithful friend and fits me like a comfortable shoe. I liken her to myself and I expect she’s of a similar vintage in years; she still continues to serve me and the ranch well.

While sitting on and working with Little Green Girl, I have learned how very important and essential it is to stay in focus, in the present, on task. After clearing the ranch alleys, barn doors and walkways from the snow, now piled high to provide water to the dugouts in spring, I redirected my attention to routine tasks, work, and other things.

The next day, I woke to find a morning touched with the most beautiful heavy fog and hoarfrost. My new day had presented such an exquisite invitation. In awe, and camera in-tow, I didn’t hesitate to get out the door in search of the ideal light to view the perfect subject, and explore intriguing mysteries from all angles. I released myself of the guilt as I chose to prioritize an adventure: a stay-cation. For hours, I joyously circled my ranch yard several times, trudged through thigh deep snow, crawled through bluffs and bushes, laying upon the snow, or rested upon a knee.

With every booted stride I could feel myself sliding deeper not only into the snow, but into a frame of being that was  invigorating, calm, and serene – just like the landscape. I returned to the ranch house from my stay-cation adventure as a changed woman.

I feel grateful for the little Junco bird with the huge aura, whose exquisite statuette perched quietly upon the frosty outdoor arena gate; in the forefront, deep, unblemished snow. I feel grateful for abundant, fresh, clean air, beautiful, bright, blue skies, and for my horses, who feigned disinterest as I pursued a perfect photo, and allowed for frequent hugs.

Looking at the trees, I realized they must be resilient and flexible to survive the changing seasons. If asked, resilient might be a word which describes my character; perhaps it is a super power. All but a dozen of the trees at the ranch were personally hand planted in keeping with my vision, hopes, and dreams; hoed and watered with love. Today there are many trees who prevail, standing tall, covered in the glorious beauty of a heavy frost. However, if I observe closely I can see the life impressions in the markers, scars, and broken branches.

I am quite certain that each and every tree has weathered many storms and rodent nibbles, yet each day the trees continue to reach for the sunshine, believing that life-giving rains will come. Spring will again be filled with pussy willows full of hope, and the beginning of new bird nests. It seems sensible that I am a cowgirl, resilient as a willow tree.

Written by: Mable Elliott

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