Walk it Off

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham; Anontropolis


Deadlines, time crunch, weekly to do list that gets longer each week…when the tension builds I head out doors and go on a quick power walk.

A good fifteen minutes to remind myself that I am capable. I got this. Everything works out, everything will be fine.

In nature I realize how important I am to others and myself. I give myself the grace to be imperfect.

I return and start knocking out my list. Finishing my list gives me a sense of pride. I am proud of myself. I am a rockstar!

Being a writer requires a lot of creativity and meeting deadlines. I can’t let myself become overwhelmed. In order to avoid being overwhelmed I schedule “me” time.

I schedule one week a month with no appointments. I cherish this one week a month where I am free from running around. This week is set aside for relaxation after work. There is no where I need to be. This week is important , because it allows me to unwind and reset.

My one unscheduled week combined with my power walks guide me through long weeks. They help me focus and keep negativity away. In this environment my creativity flows. I create a unique balance that lets stress and pressure fall to the floor. I am at peace when I keep negativity away.


Inspiration Challenge:

What thoughts come to the surface as you walk?

Write On Ladies, Write On



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