Simply Positive

 In Writer in Residence

Written by: Collette Cottingham, Anontropolis


I am attracted to positive people. Their energy is a magnet. I want to be around them. They help to fill my cup.

Have you every walked with an energetic person? I have and we end up walking several miles. We are taken away to a magical place. On our journey we discuss life and show appreciate for the world around us. We want to explore all of the many paths before us. We celebrate each tough hill. Our strength shines though.

I started my morning having coffee with a friend. Our enthusiasm carried us away, we went for a drive, walk, and a toning class. I don’t even remember our workout. Our conversation erased any memory of pain. I remember laughter that turned into tears of joy.

I am happy for deep connections. Why am I close to my friends? We met through dance, church, or through mutual friends. We all have a shared interest and are positive individuals. Our positive attitudes have formed a connection. We understand each other and enjoy each others’ company.

My connections to friends reminds me how import it is to expel my negative energy. I don’t want my negative energy to impact anyone else. I start each day anew with a positive thought and perspective. I have a new day to enjoy.  It is all a matter of simply being positive.


Inspiration Challenge:

How do you stay positive?

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