Vision Board 2.0

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How would I define success? Would I consider myself successful? I’d say yes, and also that I am a success in progress. Let me elaborate, years ago, I made a vision board. It’s funny, I have seen this picture everyday since making it; it’s now burned into my subconscious. My husband even framed it for me. He knew its importance, and wanted to better showcase it, as an upgrade from its typical location, taped to my dresser, where I had it has a visual reminder when I woke up and fell asleep.

I vividly remember the feelings when I made this board. I was in a place of sadness and desperation, made complete with a horrible case of impostor syndrome, and a head filled with self-limiting beliefs. Incredibly, now I look at the images I then longed for in my life – and the peaceful feelings they inspired –  and realize that all those things, all those feelings, are in my life right now. And even more so, there is nothing scary or challenging in any of them. I yearned for peace, for a healthy life – mind, body and soul, for laughter, for family, for growth, for learning. Check and check. And so much more. When asked to define success, the fact that these longings, this balance, were manifested, I can confidently classified as success.

A few things come to mind now. The first is that I need a new vision board. While I have written about my vision for my healing practice and for my writing, I need to reflect it in images, allowing it to penetrate my subconscious daily, reinforcing the intention, bringing it into reality faster. I like the idea of it as an art project. I might combine my expanding photography skills to capture the images I want for the vision board. Something about the creation of the images, and the energy behind it feels more powerful.

The second thing that strikes me is that while I have made immeasurable progress, I am not immune to stumbling. Just this week I broke out in hives, in one spot only, immediately after having wrapped up a corporate job. I am struggling with the long term vision of success as a full time healer and writer, and feeling at odds with the current success of landing a new corporate role that aligns with my passion for helping others learn and grow. I literally caused myself to have an allergic reaction. No amount of antihistamines or self healing did any good. It only settled down with the realization that it’s fine to take multiple steps to reach that goal. And that any step forward is one in the right direction. Now as I contemplate the new corporate role starting, I can say I am at peace. Simply here, simply now, nothing fancy needed. And thankfully a whole lot less itchy! That too, is a success!

The third thing that strikes me is expanding on my visions and keeping them top of mind. I am looking forward to the adventure of accomplishing small and large things, such as getting professional photos done for my healing practice and biography pages. I am excited to be creative and to create a website, and all that comes with it. I am energized by creating in a community of like-minded people and learning from that community.

Lastly, I am aware and present. Right here, right now. I want to be sure not miss those little successes when they happen. Whether a small victory in parenting, business, or life I want to capture it all, each and every sweet success.

So, what is the definition of my success? I love this definition by Zig Ziglar because it feels true and liberating to define success on your own terms instead of what others might define it to be for you.

Success cannot be defined in one sentence, but instead it is comprised of many things. One could argue that the definition depends on the individual and one size does not fit all.

I personally like the fit of my success right now.

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing

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