Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 In Mindfulness and Meditation

Written by: Melanie Groves; Metamorphosis Healing


You read your fortune and it says “You will receive an unexpected surprise“. Where do your thoughts go immediately?

For me I went right for the lottery billboard announcing a draw worth $70 million dollars! Plus 26 guaranteed million dollar prizes! Yes please! Imagine what I could do, how many people I could help with that! And while that’s awesome, yes please and thank you, it made me reflect. I went for the big, surprise. Don’t get me wrong dreaming big is necessary, it’s the creative force to drive manifestation. And, if I am not careful, it can also be focused so big that I can lose sight of the little surprises. And if I don’t see the little surprises or brush them off, how can I bring more little surprises in? How can I attract more if you don’t even notice anything to be grateful for? If I was so fixated on a big win, I’d lose sight of the many little surprises that came with my day including:

Deep conversations with my kids over a long car ride. Given they are 11 and 134 these conversations are becoming further apart. So grateful for this time.

An unexpected gift from a neighbour. An early birthday present. So grateful.

A husband who went to 3 different grocery stores to help support me in finding a flavoured decaf coffee. So grateful.

  • Puppy snuggles
  • warm pajamas
  • sweet wine
  • an extra long hug
  • a really bad joke that makes you groan
  • an unexpectedly mild and sunny day
  • a really sweet text message
  • seeing a cardinal
  • green lights when you need them

So, so, so very grateful. The surprises are all around. There is an abundance of things to say thank you for. And for this I am grateful. And I continue to be grateful, knowing and trusting that big surprises come too. By practicing gratitude now I will be ready to welcome the big surprises in whatever shape they decide to show up for me. And while gratitude creates an energetic magnetic frequency for me to attract more to be grateful for, it also has some amazing neurological benefits too.

If the law of attraction is too woo woo for you consider that gratitude releases feel good neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin which have an instant effect on moods. It has been shown to improve sleep quality and even helps in reducing depression and anxiety. And like with meditation, gratitude has also been demonstrated to rewire your brain. So whether it be to smile in the moment, or to generate long term changes in your brain, go ahead be grateful for the little and big surprises in your life.

Like any healing and transformation habits gratitude it requires practice. Practice with this week’s mini healing meditation to help you rewire your brain and cultivate gratitude. Gratitude truly is the attitude.

Much love, light and gratitude to you this week!





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