In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; The Witch’s Inn


Was anyone else taken on a wild ride in their dreams last night? In my dream, I was standing with my Spirit Guide in front of my Akashic records. We slowly flipped through the pages, and after each memory was played out, the page went up in flames.

After a few memories, I asked: “Why are we burning the book?”

My Guide was very clear. “These are lessons that will forever live within your bloodline, but your lineage will no longer be affected by their memory.”

This morning I woke to my moon time. Powerful magic had happened within my soul’s contracts last night. I am privileged that I hold an organ in my physical body that can both help me create and release soul contracts, that my blood can release soul patterns and contracts throughout my lineage.

Unbound is the perfect card for how this Aries new moon is releasing us from unnecessary soul contracts that have left us feeling trapped and weighed down. These contracts could be carried through our lifetime as well through ancestral lineage. This is represented beautifully by imagery of the archetypes being released from the fire and finally working together as one.

When we are unbound we are free.

Pay close attention to your dreams and thoughts over the next few days. The maiden, mother and crone have come together to guide you, bring your energy and strength to release these contrast that keep you from flying.

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