Karena’s Mooncast July 16th to 22nd

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; The Witch’s Inn


Don’t forget the cooldown… 

Let’s be honest here. How many times have you been in a workout and skipped the cooldown period? The slower movements, the long stretches, the moment to catch your breath and slow your heart rate? Just to jump up, so you could get to the showers before someone else, or because your workout was one of the activities you were fitting into an already packed schedule? I know I have.

The 1st quarter Moon isn’t until the 17th. This means we have some time to cool off from the depth the new moon brought us. I like to call this period, of long intervals between Moon phases “the void”. I call it that because every few days as the Moon moves around the constellations it enters voids. The “void Moon” is a time to pause, catch a breath and evaluate what to do next. Of course, unless you’re someone who is constantly staying up to date on the Moon and its travels, you may not catch its transition and cool-down period.

This week act as if the Moon were void all week. Continue to enjoy the slow dog days of summer. Feel into intentional movements, allowing space for your heart to catch up, instead of constantly jumping to the next “thing”. Find ways to enjoy this transition. Even if that means a little distraction from the shadow work that the cosmos is asking us to dive into. Find an activity that is low impact for you, and really sink into it, and yes napping is a cool-down activity. Especially if your napping under a tree or somewhere connecting with nature.

Take a breath, a long breath, and stay in the cool down, even just a few minutes longer.


Witch Tip: Hug a tree after a nice walk. Try and match its heartbeat. Breathe with it. Allow it to help your cool down. Give it gratitude when your done, and a small offering of water, or trail mix. Find pleasure in the cool down.


So Mote it Be



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