Karena’s Mooncast – July 2nd to July 8th

 In Moonbathing

Written by: Karena Osborne; The Witch’s Inn


Sit with your discomfort; honour its knowing. 


This week, a few clashes with Mars lead to confusion around which action to take, especially during the waning moon phase.

I have recently learned that my discomfort is a strong knowing in my body surrounded by fear, trying to keep me safe, but blocking my path forward. When I sit in my discomfort, I discover I am uncomfortable because I haven’t walked in my integrity, or I had yet to acknowledge where my integrity was asking me to follow.

During this waning moon, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, ask yourself, why? 

Why is this uncomfortable? What knowledge am I blocking from myself, and where can this knowledge serve me. Allow this feeling to move through your body and see where it lands. Then ask, how can I serve you? What do you need to restore balance? Knowing the answer may be harder to acknowledge than the discomfort, then ask yourself, am I ready to step into the unknowing of this new comfort. 

Welcome to the summer of shadow work. Although we often see the heavy lifting of our shadows surface during the winter months, we are being asked to go deeper this year with this summer’s retrogrades and planetary alignments. 

This week create an action plan not from the light but from bringing our darkness (discomfort) into the light. To step out into vulnerability, knowing that this pathway is not easy, but trusting it will be worth it because you are worth it. Shadow work helps us find our balance, our purpose and works in tandem with our fear, not by removing it, but facing it.

What is your discomfort trying to teach you about yourself? 


Witch Tip: Be gentle with yourself; get creative with your inner thoughts of discomfort. Share your thoughts with those who are safe and can keep you accountable to self. See where your vulnerability leads you and helps your light shine brighter. 


So Mote it Be



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