In Moonbathing, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


What’s my favourite emoji? The one that fits my mood in the time. 🙈🙉🙊

When I type out emojis I’m reminded of ICQ and MSN messenger. A simple emoji placed in your status bar would let all your friends know exactly “What’s up!”. Emojis often became an icebreaker to conversation.

😀 = All’s well, but this may be an improvement from last nights emoji… Say, “Hey!”

😭= Better check on that friend.

😡= I’d better be filled in on that gossip.

😴= Late night.

🤮= Remember not to go over to Becky’s house, they’re sick.

🌞🌛🌜🌟🌈💗= I’m expressing myself!

💲💲💲= Someone just had a birthday — or finally did some chores!

My generation grew up learning how to convey the most complex of emotions from some clip art. Amazing!! 😲

Now I use emojis to emphasize the message behind a post, or draw attention to it. I still use emojis to convey feelings, emotions or reactions in conversations. Sometimes I even add emojis into verbal communication by saying things like, “Big Heart emoji” or, “Praying hands emoji”. I feel it adds a bit of my personality to the discussion. Emojis make me happy. They’re like stickers for adults: both validating and engaging. They make my inner child sing. 🎶

To show how much I truly love emojis, I put together a wee picture of my most used emojis.🎨 🖼 So satisfying.



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