To What are You Accountable?

 In Moonbathing, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Karena Osborne; The Witch’s Inn


To what are you accountable? If you sit with accountability where does it show up in the body? What emotion does it stir up for you?

In the past, I believed being accountable meant omitting myself from the equation. Accountability often showed up for me as a feeling of obligation, leaving me feeling weighed down and suffocated. Although my body would be screaming “NO,” I would oblige and say, “Yes”.

Of course now, like most others around the world, my only obligation is keeping others safe by staying in. I now have ample time to say “Yes” to my own hopes, dreams and destiny. I inadvertently signed myself up for some major shadow work by saying “Yes” to a 5-week marketing course. I’ve been determined to hold myself accountable to this. So much of what I love is wrapped up in the work I do, and I see that my real joy comes when I say “Yes” to sharing my experiences with others. I’m also discovering that all the times I’ve told myself, “No” I was holding myself back from a bigger, more authentic “YES!”

I’m getting better at saying “Yes,” without feeling obligation—saying “Yes” because it’s elating to be accountable to me.



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