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Written by: Patsy Lussier, Go Go Green Thumbs


“Expand this opportunity we share together each week – anticipation and excitement and community. The world has the potential to grow and change because of those three energies we explore and hold together.”

“What do you want to see in the world? Dream it. Feel it. Create.” -AY


I am a huge fan of the permaculture philosophy and of the CW community! One of the many reasons being for the sense of empowerment. A feeling of belonging on this earth and in this community. The excitement and simple joy of taking action that fulfill not only my needs but expand outwards to others and the earth. The most impactful thing I do for myself and the planet is focus on my own supply chain. From there, as we have discussed and truly know in our hearts, it ripples out! Have you seen all the victory gardens popping up everywhere!

Last week I took stock of where I was at and what I wanted. I am now able to plan and take impactful action for meaningful results. Woah, was I surprised by the abundance I already have. I also was able to identify the gaps I’d like to fill. So let’s get creative as to how to fill those.

Rule of Green Thumbs: This week start the momentum! Gather your seeds!

Last year I saved a lot of seeds, mountain spinach anyone!? So I will be doing a seed swap with a few close friends. This exchange allows for so much, and the result is a higher diversity. I have calendula galore and Sam has sunflowers, bam, we balance each other out.

There a few things I’d love to plant that I don’t have yet, including Bolero carrots as they grow the best in my climate and soil. I will go for a drive to my local nursery and visit the amazing family at Winderberry/Edibles and buy a few seed packs and snacks.

I have also purchased seeds online this year from new co-operatives and farms. So this patchwork of resourcing should have me ready to plant!

Where do you get your seeds or seedlings from? Any favorite varieties or suppliers? Do you partake in swaps?

This really got me excited about the season ahead and all the people I end up connecting with through gardening.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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