Dream the Harvest

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs


Get ready to cultivate the good fortune that comes your way.


Surprises can make us feel uncomfortable. This natural reaction may not allow us to fully receive the good fortune that comes our way. This week I would like to ensure that when the opportunities presents themselves, I can jump in with both feet, I can spring forward. T’is the season after all! Let’s emotionally and very practically cultivate the foundation to receive an oasis of abundance from our gardens, once the weather allows.

But what does that look like for you?

Well that’s where we start. Before we can even plant our seeds with dreams and hope, we need to figure out what we want.  There is so much biodiversity out there, I think to really have a meaningful harvest, it must be aligned with you. To accept a surprise with ease, in joy and gratitude, it helps if it fits your dreams.

In a garden, a simple need and yields analysis is where we start. If you had the opportunity to cultivate the best garden and be gifted the dream harvest this year, what would it include? And… what do you honestly have to offer the system? Think labour of love here, giving without depleting.

For myself, being honest about the changes in my physical capacity this upcoming season, I am looking for low maintenance crops. At my core I love to grow food as I see it as a powerhouse of health and nutrient, a way to nourish myself and my loved ones. For the babies’ first foods, I would love to be able to offer them puree of peas, carrots, potatoes and squash.

I am also looking at early season crops, while I still have quite a bit of energy, so spinach and kale are a must.

This week I encourage you to spend time thinking of what you would like and allow yourself to dream big too. A strawberry patch, okay!!

Also look at what you have to offer, your resources. An honest account of the time, energy and money you want to or don’t want to spend.

Make a list, take an inventory. Bonus I have seeds carried over from last year, both purchased and saved.

So next week when I am ready to start planting seeds, I’ll know what I am working with and where to start to allow a truly fulfilling experience.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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