Bee Kind

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier; Go Go Green Thumbs


Spring is in the air!

With legacy on the forefront this week, it has brought my attention our ability to act consciously.  My awareness, my willingness to pause, to see, and really observe what is needed and therefore adapt how I show up. As much as I am a doer, I think it is so important to not always rush forward with our energy or wants, but to take the time to see what is truly needed in the space. To take a moment and actually see everything and everyone, even the small guys.

If I bring this to the garden, as I am a part of it, my role is to support the ecosystem, so it can support me in return. Coming in with an open mind and fresh eyes and observing what is needed before taking action.

So this week, even though Spring can feel like a time to do, to act and clean out, I want to make sure I have a positive impact. I want to show up in kindness.

We often have this urge to clean our garden beds, freshen things up, get ready for planting. But if we pause here and really wonder… why are we driven to take this action? What would it serve? Is this truly needed or is it a preconceived notion? Well, if I look at the left over plant debris, stems and leaves from last year what role does it play here? It has blanketed the soil and protected it from the element all winter long. It is the structure where so many insects find shelter to overwinter in. It may not look visually appealing, if we think of neat and tidy as a measure of success, but these messy garden beds are home to native bees, wasps, ladybugs, moths and so much more. These insects, and their pupils, have overwintered in these structures. We do know we want them around, these beneficial pollinators and predators are key to the health of the overall ecosystem. Give them a chance to wake up, hatch and move out before disturbing the area! And these are only the creatures we can see on the surface, though the leaves and twigs, but they are even more underground that will also benefit greatly. All the soil microorganisms will also benefit from the coverage for a better habitat and from the plant decay for nutrition, so you will also have a healthier soil.

Rule of Green Thumbs: Wait to clean your garden beds!! This will benefit your ecosystem as a whole; the insects, the soil, and therefore the plants!

Instead if you want to take action, as this is indeed half of the fun of gardening and sprouts the feeling of empowerment, pay attention to those seedlings we planted last week. Are they being watered enough? Do they need to be rotated to obtain better light? Do you need to start more? Have you considered a second succession, to ensure success with redundancy?

Or sit in the sun and draw up your garden plan! There will be lots to do soon, let’s make sure we are ready to show up. For this week, let’s not rush, let’s be kind to ourselves and all the small creatures that’s surround us.

With love and kindness,


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