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 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier; Permaculture


This slowdown has really given us an opportunity to consciously look at what our needs truly are and adapt how we meet them. I think this an incredible time to bring back the “Victory Garden”. They promise a very tangible material, moral and health benefits especially in times of insecurity.🏡 🏆👩‍🌾

Let us play a direct role in our food supply chain, and in supporting our health. My garden allows me to spend time outside, nourish my body with quality calories and fulfills an emotional need as I feel empowered, providing a sense of self-care and security. It is also a great rebellious act, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money” as Ron Finley likes to remind us, and a great way to connect socially with people from our communities. 🥕💸🍅

We all know the power of small actions. So lets start in our backyards, or even on our balconies!

Growing your own food is like printing your own money. ~ Ron Finley

May long is typically a universal time here in Canada to seed your annual patch. In my climate I will still wait a week or two for my hot crops, such as tomatoes and cucumbers but the majority of my favorite vegetables and herbs will be sowed this weekend. Whoop whoop!

What will you sow in your patch this year?

If you started seeds indoors this spring, time to start hardening them off. Place them outside for a few hours each day, increasing the length each time. These will be delicate at first, be conscious of harsh sunlight or wind. After a few days, your little guys should be good to transplant! 🌞 🌬

Go go green thumb tip of the week… plant lettuce mix! 🥬

That’s right, I mix my favorite lettuce seeds and plant in one continuous row. I will than cut it on demand, starting with baby greens. I will also leave one plant every few inches to grow as a full head, my trick to utilize my space more efficiently. You can also get multiple cuttings off the same row. From now on, I will seed a row of lettuce mix every other week for a continuous harvest through the season.


Go Go Green Thumbs!



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