Tea For Two, Tea For You!

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To better connect to abundance in my life, I chose to collect “abundance items” in a beautiful tea cup (and saucer) given to me by my grandmother. Once I had decided on the vessel, I realized I wouldn’t necessarily be collecting things during my days, but I already had a collection of buttons. I took those buttons and put them next to the cup. My abundance is people – family, friends, connections and relationships. Each time I spend time with a friend or have a meaningful interaction in my day, I choose a button to represent that person, in that moment. I hold the button and think about the happiness I felt and how grateful I am for that person. If I have two interactions with a person in a day, they have two buttons. I put the buttons in the cup and it is certainly adding up. I’ll continue this practice until all the buttons are in the cup.

This abundance game is very helpful for me, as it connects something tangible to a feeling I often find intangible. Last week my father was here to visit, and once he left, I had other family visiting in town. While visiting them, I was surrounded by local family as well – it was button’s galore over the weekend! I have had friends visiting since then as well, and I find that there are many buttons in each day – conversations, phone calls, laughter with friends, even interactions with acquaintances. Each button reminds me of how abundant I am in social connection and relationships.

I can honestly answer: this abundance is more obvious, more tangible, and its definition has certainly increased. Was my life more abundant after playing this game? I’m not sure, much of it was already planned, but it feels as though there is more of it. I’m paying attention to the abundance and it feels good.

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