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While abundance is often thought of in monetary terms, I have known that it is not the definition for me for quite some time. Yes, I would like to be financially abundant (and relatively, I am abundant in this area already) to be able to have experiences and spend time with loved ones. However, I realized that money wasn’t the definition when I noticed it wasn’t my primary driver. This is often referred to in employment situations as the key motivators for a person at work. Yes, I want a good wage, a great wage even, and I want to be compensated fairly and well; however, I am not willing to work a job I despise just for the money. In fact in some cases, I would take a lower wage for a better work environment and better job satisfaction (and I have). I am abundant in financial resources because I have made it so – saving, paying off debt, working extra jobs.

Money is important, but it can come and go. Abundance is more obvious to me when I am with people I care about – I feel grateful and oftentimes emotional. I know that spending time with people is a gift and I enjoy it so completely that it is an area where I strongly tap into abundance. My dad was here recently to visit and do a few trips in the area. I was able to have him stay with me for a whole weekend. Then he went away again and came back for three nights. I cannot adequately describe how abundant and grateful I was to have this time with my dad, and to have him all to myself. I know that sounds odd in some cases, but I truly cherish the times I have with my dad where it is just us two, talking, philosophizing, discussing politics, beliefs and the meaning of life. I often get emotional just thinking of my dad because I miss him so much. In those moments, I focus on the abundance – all the things he’s taught me, topics we’ve discussed, advice I’ve been given (and I’m frustrated that I can’t remember more of it!). He is the most recent and possibly up there as one of the most important examples of what it feels like to be abundant. I also feel abundance when I spend time with my partner and with close friends and other family members. My cousin and her family are in the city this week as well; I haven’t seen her in five years, and this was my first opportunity to meet her husband and two children. I felt abundant last night, sitting at the dinner table with my aunt, dad and cousins. Time moves fast and the moments feel fleeting, so when I am in them, I try to take it all in and be grateful with all my heart.

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