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I don’t often recognize progress, often feeling that I’m circling back on lessons and personal growth. In this case, I can say that I’ve made progress with procrastination. I’ve recognized it for what it usually is: fear. Sometimes confusion or indecisiveness. Knowing this has allowed me, in most cases, to stop and assess. I ask myself what is really going on and in identifying the real issue, I am often able to stop procrastinating. I might switch directions or ask for assistance from a friend, but either way, procrastination doesn’t have the same hold on me.

There are days when I don’t challenge procrastination, perhaps when I’m tired or overwhelmed. But in those cases the best thing for me is a deadline. Accountability, having a vision set out for myself which I want to go well, not disappointing others – all of these help me to maintain a deadline. This past week I loved lists because I was constantly crossing things off! With a celebratory reception in the works and the days counting down, I had to stay focused. I plan errands with efficiency and strategy. I ask for advice so I can find the best place to complete a task. And even though I managed not to have a dress until about a week and a half before the event, I managed to get that done too. Urgency, expediency – all assist the decision making.

Having this event, and because it means a vacation as well, means I am also more productive with my lists at work. At work, procrastination is often due to intellectual boredom of the tasks before me. I respect my co-workers and don’t want to saddle them with unnecessary work, so having the deadline of being out of the office for a week allows me to stay on task.

With this topic in mind, the biggest – and most enjoyable – task I crossed off the list was having our marriage celebration party. Yes, it had a lot of details over a number of months, but it all came together – and beautifully!

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