Ready, Set, Sow!

 In Go Go Green Thumbs

Written by: Patsy Lussier


Here’s to a fresh start, a new season! The snow is off the garden. The season of possibilities has begun.

So time to jump in! With excitement, an open mind and an open heart, action with intention.

We have been setting the stage for this for a few weeks now, being clear on our vision, connecting with passion and taking small steps. Now let’s step it up. In my climate, as I typically can plant most crops outdoors around May long, this means we are 4 weeks out! So time to start those last indoors seeds, hello squashes. While keeping an eye on the ones I planted a few weeks ago that are now sprouting. Making sure they get lots of light and water.

As I also have a garden plan, space is held there and it is not quite time to take off the mulch off the beds, so now what?

Let’s open ourselves up to opportunities, after all we are the change! We are already seeding our way to food security.

In permaculture design we look at edges a lot as there is so much opportunity there. Since we are at that sweet spot, transitioning from one season to the other, let’s look for these possibilities.

*Rule of Green Thumbs*:  Start a few rows of cold crops!

Did you know spinach can handle temps as low as -8 degrees Celsius? So even if mother nature changes her mind in the next few weeks, this crop will not suffer. Get a head start with this super delicious and nutritious green. Ha! I know I could use the iron. I will also be starting a few onions set.

A simple addition to my garden last year was this little temporary hoop house. It was actually able to forage leftover materials from a small reno, get creative here. This kick started the growing season on that bed by 4 weeks! Worth the bit of effort for the opportunity of having salad before the end of May. I pull it off the bed once summer starts, so I just re-installed it, this is simply poly and a couple hoops. I am now looking forward to the weekend and seeding it.

So here is a big Yes to a bountiful year of food abundance. Yes to putting in practice the permaculture philosophy. Yes to keeping my true north. Yes to self care. Yes to community… oh let’s see how this gets seeded in the next few weeks…

In the mean time, thanks for reading and feel free to join us in our conversation!



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