Preparing for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


Good Evening Moon Bathers,

I was going to publish this article tomorrow. However, the energy that is starting to spin feels so thick and tangible that I thought I should post a day earlier to help you prepare for this energy.

First and foremost: This is a time to do what feels authentic to every cell in your being. Period. If you feel like rest is what your body and soul are craving, rest. Do not feel guilty for resting. Know that this is where your path is at this time, and by relaxing, you are manifesting balance and restoration in your life. This is a powerful boundary to invoke in our human experience. One that we collectively have been working on through this Lunar cycle.

Second: Only put into action what feels authentic to every cell of your being. If you only resonate with one suggestion, only do one. Following your gut instinct, you are practicing using your intuition. This is a great way to flex this muscle with simple, intentional tasks. As well if you feel called to perform a task, ritual, or action, please listen. Allow your soul to communicate through your body’s responses.

Third: Have Fun!!!

Ways to prepare for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn:

To begin: Clear your energetic space. You can do this with smoke magic ( Lavender, Sweet Grass, Sage, Palo Santo) Bells or banging pots and pans, sweeping ( Place dried herbs, flora or salt on the floor to help with energy clearing), opening windows, dust, wash your floors and walls, have a shower or bath. As you clear your space picture any negative energy being collected and moving out into the cosmos to be recycled as new fresh energy.

Call in your angels, spirit guides, high self, and past loved ones to protect you and guide you.

1. Create Moon Water- Moon water is made with distilled or boiled water. Moon water is charged in glass bottles or bowls ( depending on how you’d like to use it) Moon water is placed outside under the Full Moon and collected the next day. I usually leave my moon water out for 48 hours to get the full effects and cosmic energy. Flowers, spices, crystals, words, and intentions can all go into your moon water. Sit with the water or its imagery in your mind’s eye and say your plans out loud, while thanking the moon and the water for allowing them (Intentions) to flow for your highest good.

I like to add some crystals and spices to my moon water, and I will often write my intentions on a piece of paper and place the bottled water over the top of the intentions.  This way, the moon can pull the plans into the water without the ink running into it. Moon water is drinkable, depending on what you have put into it. It can be used for spells, for your hair, for plants and gardens, you can diffuse it, make beauty products… honestly, anything you can think of that fits your intentions.

2. Do a Tarot or Oracle Spread to see what’s in store for the next six months.

3. Light a candle and set your intentions. You can place your plans under a candle, but make sure to use proper fire safety.

4. Charge your crystals, tarot cards, divination tools under the moon. You can do this by a window or by placing them outside.

I have a few plastic ziplock bags I reuse every eclipse and charge all my oracle cards and (some) crystals/ tools outside. This way no moisture gets on my cards and crystals)

5. Meditate and Journal

6. Use Fire to release your intentions. If your able, collect any items that are burnable that represent what you are releasing. You can also write down on paper or bay leaves what you are releasing out into the cosmos. Remember, this can be old habits or new habits, boundaries, intentions, a wish, really anything. Set a fire (Safely) and burn all the things (LOL). Burn some white sage, lavender or bay leaves before throwing your items into the fire. By doing this you are clearing its path. Make sure to call in your angels, spirit guides, high self, and past loved ones.

7. Bring it all together and create a little ritual or spell for yourself.

At the end , however, you decide to honour the Full Moon Eclipse, make sure to give gratitude for the web that was and the web that will be, As Above, So Below. Affirm your intentions with So Mote it Be, or And So It Is.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below.

If you feel called, share your experience with us in the group so we can support and nurture your intentions as they move through the cosmos.


So Mote It Be



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