October 9th to 15th Mooncast

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Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


You no longer fear the huntress inside of you.


The portal that opened over the Full Moon in Aries on Oct 1st, is about Self Acceptance. With the new moon in Libra coming Oct 16th, no longer will you live by the old narrative. You’ve exhausted all other options and finally see through each attempt and failure there has always been one constant. YOU!

Your strength, your determination. You’ve never walked away from you, you are there every day, taking it all in, living each moment. This is where the transformation begins, you’re the wild card, your the hidden truth. 

You’ve proven time and time again that your BEing is infinite. 

This week use the Leo moon to channel this inner strength (11th -13th), the Virgo moon (13th-14th) to ground you in all the new opportunities and possibilities now at your fingertips. Find balance with the Libra moon on the 15th to move towards your highest good. 

With this new understanding and trust in SELF, open to life unfolding around you. This lunar cycle lean into the reality that YOU WILL ALWAYS BELONG TO YOU. 


Witch Tip: Paint, draw, or build a “self-portrait” of your BEing. Allow both sides of your experiences to come through whichever medium you decide to use. Once complete write or attach your intentions to your piece of art. After, sit back and enjoy, don’t critique your work.


So Mote It Be 



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