October 2nd to 8th Mooncast

 In Moonbathing, Weekly Forum Discussion

Written by: Karena Osborne; Moon Bathing


It’s time to sink into the feeling of comfort as the moon moves deeper into its waning phase.

This weekend as the moon sits in the sign of Taurus,  you will find you’re trusting your intuition more than ever. You know you’ve been divinely guided to exactly where you need to be, and your purpose or path has been made clear.

If you keep committing to you, the emotional transition that will be taking place over the Cancer moon from “old’ ways to “new” ways of believing in YOU will have you leaning into all possibilities. 

During this week take stock of how you are moving away from lack mentality or limiting beliefs, that came from unfulfilled desires or expectations. You know walking away from these closed doors won’t be easy, but with these redefined beliefs in you, will leave you accepting all parts of you and surrendering to your divine purpose.  


Witch Tip: Welcome and acknowledge all parts of yourself as you close one door so the other may open. To help with the emotional transition connect with nature. In the northern hemisphere, She is shedding old ways. In the southern hemisphere, She unapologetically blooms. During each transition, She boasts with every burst of colour, be it the leaves changing on a tree or the blooming of wildflowers. She’s content in knowing, its all part of the process. 


So Mote it Be



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